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The first round of Covid-19 vaccine has made its way to Austin, Texas. Frontline health workers were the ones to receive them. One nurse from UT Austin Dell Medical School was among the first ones to get the shot.

The said nurse, Stephanie Vasquez, said she was nervous but also excited. The frontline health worker also mentioned that unlike others, she was not too worried about a needle going into her arm at all.

In an interview with KVUE, Vasquez said that they knew they needed to get the vaccine. Not only that the shot was for the greater good of the community, but also for the patients that they take care of. She also said that someone needed to step up and be first to go ahead and take the opportunity to make a difference.

Other frontline healthcare workers who also get the vaccine include a pharmacy student, an anesthesiologist, an assistant dean, and an assistant professor.

The said hospital works to vaccinate almost 3,000 frontline healthcare workers and is expected to double the number in the coming days.

The Texas authorities also plan to distribute phase two of vaccinations to teachers.

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As frontline health care professionals, nurses are the true heroes who risk everything to care for patients. During this time of fear and stress, practicing nurses have worked long shifts. The physical and mental exhaustion, lack of knowledge, and in many cases, lack of skills to care for patients can lead to disciplinary action.

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