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Negligence at work has been a signature specialty of a nurse attorney when handling cases for some nurses. However, some nurses tend to forget this fact because they really felt like they should be responsible even if they never intended to commit such an error.

On or about August 29, 2019, the Board provided notice to the LVN that an investigation was being initiated into alleged violations of the Nursing Practice Act and/or the Board’s Rules and Regulations Relating to Nurse Education, Licensure, and Practice, as follows:

On or about August 5, 2019, while employed as a Licensed Vocational Nurse at a hospital in Temple, Texas, the LVN failed to reassess and intervene when the patient had ongoing hypoglycemia after the LVN administered glucagon, for a blood sugar of 37 at 02:00 AM. Subsequently, the patient had two seizures but was not sent to the local emergency department until 5:15 AM, when the morning nurse came on duty. Additionally, the LVN failed to notify the physician of the seizures, and also failed to appropriately document the patient.

On January 17, 2020, the Board received a notarized statement from the LVNs’ voluntarily surrendering the right to practice nursing in Texas. A copy of the LVN’s statement, dated January 1 7, 2020, is attached and incorporated herein by reference as part of this Order.

However, the LVN failed to hire a nurse attorney to help her with her case. She also failed to present a valid defense and evidence to support her claims. Because of this, the Texas Board of Nursing disciplined the LVN may result in further disciplinary sanctions.

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