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A skilled and knowledgeable nurse attorney can provide utmost assistance over cases that you may deny of committing. However, a lack of a nurse attorney could subject you and your license to any possible sanction depending on the severity of your misconduct.

On or about May 16, 2012, the LVN administered 500 mg of Clozapine to a patient. However, the said medication was not ordered by a physician. The resulting action could have injured the patient, as well as experience adverse effects such as respiratory arrest, seizures and tachycardia.

On or about May 20, 2015, while working at a facility in El Paso, Texas, the LVN administered incorrect medications over the patient. The following medications are as follows:

  • 500 mg Lithium
  • 100 mg Dilantin
  • 40 mg Olanzapine

The said medications were never ordered by the physician. Thus, the LVN might have caused further injury to the patient, as well as make the patient suffer from certain adverse effects. This action could subject the LVN to suspension or disciplinary proceedings, depending on the LVN’s defense against the complaint filed against her.

The Texas Board of Nursing governs all cases regarding a nurse’s error. Thus, the LVN was summoned for a hearing to defend against her case. However, she simply denied the complaint filed against her as she provided all medications correctly. She also told the Board that she followed what was advised to be done with the patient to ensure the health and safety of the patient she was treating at the time of the incident.

Unfortunately, the LVN lacked the right evidence and nurse attorney to strengthen her defense against the case. Thus, the Texas Board of Nursing placed the LVN license into disciplinary procedures to ensure that she will never commit the same mistakes again.

For those who are at risk of facing disciplinary action over the error of their actions, but denies the allegation filed against them, it’s best to contact an experienced nurse attorney. Nurse Attorney Yong J. An has been helping nurses with similar cases since 2006 and is fully available by contacting him at (832)-428-5679 for further assistance.