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Houston Nurse Attorney - Look Alike MedicationsWhat’s the difference between the two bottles? Do they look the same at arm’s length? Without the aid of my eyeglasses, I can say they’re the same but the one on the left is used to treat depression while the one on the right is used to lower cholesterol and triglycerides.

Did you ever get confused with Diovan and Diprivan; diphenhydRAMINE and dimenhyDRINATE, HydrALAZINE and HydrOXIzine? The list goes on but one thing you’ll notice is that some of the letters are in tall man (mixed case) to reduce the risk of errors.

Here’s the link to 2016 version of FDA and ISMP Lists of Look-Alike Drug Names with Recommended Tall Man Letters to help draw attention to the dissimilarities in look-alike drug names. The list includes mostly generic-generic drug name pairs, although a few brand-brand or brand-generic name pairs are included.

Spend some time looking at this list. It help you save lives from inadvertent drug administration.


FDA-Approved List of Generic Drug Names with Tall Man Letters

Drug Name with Tall Man Letters            Confused With

acetaZOLAMIDE                                  acetoHEXAMIDE

acetoHEXAMIDE                                 acetaZOLAMIDE

buPROPion                                          busPIRone

busPIRone                                           buPROPion

chlorproMAZINE                                  chlorproPAMIDE

chlorproPAMIDE                                  chlorproMAZINE

clomiPHENE                                        clomiPRAMINE

clomiPRAMINE                                    clomiPHENE

cycloSERINE                                        cycloSPORINE

cycloSPORINE                                     cycloSERINE

DAUNOrubicin                                     DOXOrubicin

dimenhyDRINATE                               diphenhydrAMINE

diphenhydrAMINE                               dimenhyDRINATE

DOBUTamine                                       DOPamine

DOPamine                                           DOBUTamine

DOXOrubicin                                       DAUNOrubicin

glipiZIDE                                              glyBURIDE

glyBURIDE                                          glipiZIDE

hydrALAZINE                                      hydrOXYzine –

HYDROmorphone                               HYDROmorphone

hydrOXYzine                                       hydrALAZINE

medroxyPROGESTERone                  methylPREDNISolone

niCARdipine                                          NIFEdipine

NIFEdipine                                            niCARdipine

prednisoLONE                                     predniSONE

predniSONE                                         prednisoLONE

risperiDONE                                         rOPINIRole

rOPINIRole                                          risperiDONE

sulfADIAZINE                                       sulfiSOXAZOLE

sulfiSOXAZOLE                                   sulfADIAZINE

TOLAZamide                                        TOLBUTamide

TOLBUTamide                                      TOLAZamide

vinBLAStine                                          vinCRIStine

vinCRIStine                                           vinBLAStine


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