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On your way to work today, you must have likely touched your cellphone or the toilet seat.

One article stated that “Mobile phones harbor more micro-organisms than toilet seat”.1 The warm environment creates a breeding ground for microorganisms hence, they are called as “technological petri-dish for thousands of worms.” Another research study concluded that mobile phones can act as important fomites for transmission of nosocomial infections as severe as MRSA and its transmission can be curbed by limiting their use in critical care areas and handwashing.2

Yes, you read it right. HANDWASHING. How many of us needed to be reminded by auditors or had our names in the “secret shopper” list or worse, got written up? But we did nothing wrong – just forgetting to wash ‘em dirty hands. Is there any excuse that we can think of? I can only think of making it ingrained into our practice, but how?

The World Health Organization recommends this approach to clean our hands. It’s called the 5 moments of hand hygiene. Here’s a visual guide:

When you get ready to take care of your patients today, look for the closest sink or gel station and remember these five moments to prevent the spread of germs.

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