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Throughout their careers, Houston nurse attorneys have learned about a lot of nurses whose lack of proper judgement in patient care skills resulted in a revocation of nursing license.  Take the case study example below of a Texas nurse whose lack of judgement cost her a career she loved.



The nurse failed to adequately assess and care for one of her patients in November of 2015 at a nursing care center in Texas.  The nurse failed to take the patient’s vital signs as needed and also failed to respond to the patient’s change in condition as the patient appeared to have blood in his vomit.  Furthermore, the patient failed to effectively care for the patient by activating emergency medical services (EMS).  As a result, the oncoming nurse from the next shift activated EMS, but unfortunately; it was too late as the patient passed away before arriving at that hospital.


It was concluded by the Texas BON that the nurse’s conduct was likely to injure the patient from clinical care decisions that were formulated based on incomplete assessment information, ultimately those same decisions contributed to the patient’s demise.


In her defense, the nurse stated that she could not get a temperature or vital signs due to the fact that the patient was covered in vomit but claims that she did try.


The nurse also admitted that the vomiting started 2 days earlier and was quite severe and that the patient has trouble breathing, face was flushed, and was diaphoretic.  The nurse also stated that the doctor gave her an order for a Phenergan suppository and hung up on her because she was unable to provide the patient’s temperature.  Furthermore, she stated that she told the doctor that it was not normal for the patient to be vomiting blood, but the doctor didn’t know if it was really blood as it was not tested.


The nurse was also under the impression that since she didn’t have a specific order to call EMS, that she could not do so due to the state school policy.  The nurse also mentioned a particular incident dating 2 months back in which she called EMS for two separate patients, one was for head injury and the other was for respiratory distress; and later the nursing department was put under investigation and deemed to be incompetent.  The nurse said that now the policy has changed and anyone can call 911.


These mistakes caused the nurse to have her license revoked; don’t let this happen to you.


Houston Nurse Attorneys Can Help with Your Case


If the Texas BON has a case against you for any type of disciplinary action, it is sensible to seek the knowledge of one of several experienced Houston nurse attorneys.


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