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If you are a nurse practicing in the state of Texas, it is important to abide by the Texas Board of Nursing regulations.  In one instance, that a nurse in Houston that was in violation of certain practices had his license revoked by the Texas BON.


There were a couple of incidents that occurred that alerted the BON about this particular nurse’s practices:


  • The nurse provided false and misleading information on a job application around November 1st, 2010, claiming that he worked as a Registered Nurse for two years and had one year of critical care setting when in reality the nurse did not even graduate from a nursing program in July 30, 2010.
  • While working as a nurse in a hospital in the Houston area around May 8th, 2011, the nurse failed to administer the proper medication that was prescribed by the physician for numerous patient’s medical records.


As a result, the patients were exposed to unnecessary risk of harm due to delayed medical treatment that may have been required to stabilize the condition of the patient as well as prevent any future complications.


The Texas BON brought about formal charges against this nurse and the committee found the evidence necessary to warrant a revocation of the nurse’s license.


Are You a Nurse in Houston Facing Disciplinary Action?


If you are a Texas nurse who may be facing disciplinary action – whether you have received official notice or anticipate a notice coming – it is advisable to consult a savvy and knowledgeable Houston nurse license defense lawyer as soon as possible.


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