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There is a long list of unprofessional conduct that can land you in trouble with the Texas Board of Nursing. One of the things that can cause you to be the subject of an investigation and potential disciplinary action is behavior involving falsification and lying. This is a broad category of behavior that generally includes any type of deceptive or dishonest conduct.

By virtue of obtaining and maintaining a Texas nursing license, nurses are obligated to their patients to provide safe and effective care. This also includes displaying professional behavior always. Given that patients are at the disposal of their medical caretakers, nurses are in a unique position to influence patient safety and care. This is why nurses are expected to exhibit honesty and accuracy in all of their professional tasks. A nurse’s failure to do so is grounds for disciplinary action from the Board of Nursing because the Board is concerned with protecting patients who are in a much more vulnerable position and may be completely dependent on their nurses or caretakers.

If a nurse falsifies any aspects of a patient’s records or does not fully document the services provided, this is considered dishonest conduct. Nurses are also obligated to report any of their own misconduct and be forthcoming about any concerns regarding whether a patient has received proper care.

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