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If you have been in the nursing industry for a couple of years; then you have probably heard of cases where a nurse at your hospital or medical center was facing charges with the Texas BON.


The best way to prevent getting yourself on the radar with the Texas BON is to follow the Texas Board of Nursing standards of nursing and avoid any activity that could jeopardize your nursing license.


An Example of One Nurse Who Faced Disciplinary Action


In November of 2014, a nurse who was employed at a medical center in Texas, administered 25mg of Phenergan to a patient without a doctor’s orders.  Furthermore, the nurse falsely documented in the patient’s medical record that she received an advanced nurse practitioner telephone order to administer 25 mg of Phenergan twice a day by mouth as necessary. The nurse then falsely modified the Phenergan order to appear as a physician’s faculty standing order for Phenergan.


The actions of the nurse placed the patient at risk for complications that are associated with Phenergan and may include severe drowsiness, confusion, agitation, and weak or shallow breathing.  In addition, the nurse’s conduct was likely to injure the patient because subsequent care givers would rely on her patient records to further medicate the resident.


As a result of the nurse’s actions, the patient complained of having nausea.  The nurse admitted that she had administered Phenergan but later realized that the order for this medication has been dropped off of the medication administration record (MARs) after his last hospital stay and being readmitted to the medical center.  The nurse further stated that she notified the nurse practitioner who told her to write a telephone order for the medication to cover herself.



As a result of these actions, the nurse was received a sanction of Reprimand with Stipulations and Fine in accordance with the terms of the order.


Consult a Houston Nurse License Defense Attorney Immediately


If you are a Houston nurse who has been approached by the Texas BON for any type of disciplinary action – it is imperative to act quickly in order to protect your nursing license.  Consult a Houston nurse license defense attorney who can evaluate your case with the Texas BON and guide you on the best way to handle your unique situation.


Attorney Yong J. An is available 24/7 to provide a confidential consultation.  Contact him directly at 832.428.5679.