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Accusations are stressful issues for an RN or LVN, except when a nurse attorney assists you against the case. The Texas Board of Nurses is responsible for all hearings against RNs and LVNs undergoing a case that may revoke, suspend or only discipline their license. Take note that nurse attorneys can also defend a nurse’s license against accusations, which includes any type of accusations.

An instance of an accusation occurred on or about January 17, 2017, where an RN failed to timely intervene with her patient’s medications. During the time of the incident, the RN was employed in a rehabilitation center in Houston, Texas. She had been in that position for only 10 months.

While employed on the said rehab center, the RN failed to ensure that staff was administering enteral feedings to a resident patient for a period of at least twelve (12) days. The RN did not monitor the 24 Hour Report Sheets, which indicated a lack of formula supply and a malfunctioning pump.  Her conduct exposed the patient unnecessarily to risk for harm, deprived the physician of the opportunity to institute timely interventions which may have been required to stabilize the resident’s condition, and may have contributed to the resident’s subsequent weight loss.

The RN was given the chance to defend herself to the Texas Board of Nursing. She then states that individual factors contributed to a wider more systemic breakdown in the facility. The RN further explains that she was provided with one (1) day of on-site training by the outgoing DON before she assumed the responsibilities, which included reviewing the 24-hour reports. The RN further adds that these reports were never addressed in morning meetings so she did not review them in explicit.

The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) then decided to subject the RN and her license into disciplinary proceedings. The said proceedings shall ensure the safety of the patient, along with a better future for the RN’s career. However, she should contact an experienced nurse attorney in order to receive assistance regarding the case, especially if the RN sincerely thinks of it as an accusation.

For more details or for a confidential consultation regarding accusations, it’s best to contact an experienced nurse attorney. Yong J. An is an experienced nurse attorney which helped RNs and LVNs defend against several cases since 2006. You can call him at (832) 428-5679 to get started or to inquire for more information regarding nursing license cases.