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Did you know that the nursing license that you have worked so hard to achieve could be taken away from you in an instant? To all those living in Texas, it is important to understand that these laws and regulations promulgated by the government are only made for our own good. No one is above the law. This is why the state of Texas is quite strict when it comes to its rules. One of the mandatory laws to be complied with is the Texas Occupations Code.

The Texas Occupations Code is a set of statutes that was enacted to regulate the practice of every LVN or RN nurse in the country. This is where the functions of the Texas Board of Nursing (BON) play a very important role. The fate of the LVN or RN nurse lies on the hands of the members of the Board. All decisions and resolutions are made after a through deliberation and meeting. At the same time, the LVN or RN nurse subjected to the case is also given a right to defend his side in the tribunal.

Unfortunately for one nurse named Stephen, he failed to raise the proper defenses that would have acquitted him from the charges. Stephen was a registered nurse in Texas who worked in a hospital for a period of one year and six months. In one of his duties, he was assigned provide a nursing care for the patient. While performing the job, he eventually fell asleep. The complaint says that the said act affected the capacity of the RN nurse to recognize subtle signs or symptoms or changes in patient’s condition.

While the charge against him was not too heavy, the Texas Board of Nursing (BON) still ordered for the revocation of his license. It was based on the fact that the RN nurse was caught sleeping on duty not only once nor twice but also for several times already. This action is clearly an act of negligence that is very unbecoming of a professional nurse in Texas.

If you have received a letter from the Texas BON for use of drugs/alcohol or any other offense, it is best to consult an experienced Texas Nurse Defense Attorney who can guide you on the steps you need to take to protect your nursing license. Contact nurse attorney Yong J. An directly by calling or texting him at (832) 428-5679 for a discreet consultation.