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Every person who wants to become a professional LVN or RN in the state of Texas needs to go through several processes. This is the main reason why you should be careful when doing your job, or else, complaints or charges might be filed against you. Without the help of a nurse attorney, you might get suspended by the Texas Board of Nursing.

An RN was employed as a Staff Registered Nurse at a hospital in Mission, Texas, and had been in that position for four (4) months.

On or about September 18, 2017, through September 19, 2017, the RN failed to obtain specimens for Heparin assay and Complete Blood Count (CBC) labs for the patient, as ordered by the physician. The RN’s conduct unnecessarily deprived the physician of the medical information needed to make further decisions for treatment.

In regards to the incident above, the RN states that the patient had poor venous access and the first specimen drawn was delayed due to difficulty obtaining a specimen. Once a specimen was obtained for midnight bloodwork, the amount was very small and ultimately could not be processed by the lab for INR and PTT. The physician was notified and documented in the 7:30 pm progress note for that day that the specimen obtained for hemoglobin and hematocrit levels revealed stable levels and the plan of care remained unchanged with the patient being discharged home on time the next day.

The Texas BON found the RN’s conduct violates a section of the Texas Occupations Code. Thus, her RN license was suspended and placed on probation.

The Texas Board of Nursing gave the RN sufficient time to defend the complaints filed against her. However, there was a failure on the RN’s part to find the right nurse attorney to handle her case. This had caused and led to the suspension of the RN license.

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