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A skilled and knowledgeable nurse attorney can provide utmost assistance over cases such as misappropriation of medication that you may deny committing. However, a lack of a nurse attorney could subject you and your license to any possible sanction depending on the severity of your misconduct.

An RN was employed at a hospital in Killeen, Texas, and on or about November 29, 2017, while the RN was employed at the said hospital, the RN falsely documented at 0146 that Vasopressin 5mU/kg/hr was started at 2200 in the medical record of the patient. Additionally, the RN documented at 0149 the rate was verified for 2300, at 0149 the rate was verified for 0000, and at 0150 the rate was verified for 0100. The patient-controlled unit (PCU) pump revealed Vasopressin was started at 0142, not 2200, and was started at the rate of 1mU/kg/hr not 5mU/kg/hr as documented. The RN’s conduct created an inaccurate medical record and could have resulted in non-efficacious treatment. Additionally, the RN’s conduct

The above incident and the actions done by the RN constitutes grounds for disciplinary action in accordance with Section 301.452 (b) (10) & (13), Texas Occupations Code and is a violation of the 22 TEX. ADMIN CODE.

The Texas Board of Nursing has jurisdiction over all cases that may affect the license and career of an RN or LVN. Therefore, based on the findings of the Board, the RN received a disciplinary action to ensure further safety and accurate documentation as she works in the future. She should hire a nurse attorney for instances such as this.

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