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It’s best to seek the help of a nurse attorney when facing different complaints and allegations. However, some nurses tend to face these results instead without thinking that nurse attorneys are always reliable for matters such as these. 

At the time of the incident, the LVN was employed as a Licensed Vocational Nurse in Conroe and had been in that position for one year and nine months. 

On or about September 2, 2018, the LVN falsely documented providing care and administering medications to the patient during hours that she was not physically present at the patient’s home. In addition, the LVN documented caring for the patient at different times than the care was given. The LVN’s conduct resulted in an inaccurate medical record and was likely to defraud and deceive the facility of money paid to the LVN for hours not actually worked. 

In addition, the LVN’s conduct was likely to injure the patient in that subsequent caregivers would rely on her documentation for further care. 

Additionally, the LVN also failed to follow the physician’s plan of care for the patient in that she failed to administer tube feedings, treatments, and medications as ordered. Her conduct was likely to injure the patient in that failure to follow the physician’s plan of care could have resulted in non-efficacious treatment. 

The Texas Board of Nursing sent a letter to the RN regarding the issue so then she can have the chance to defend herself. During the hearing, the LVN states she did not intend to misrepresent the care she provided. She states when documenting her time in, she clicked check-in but did not verify the actual time she had arrived. The LVN states she made an error in documenting the time medications were administered in the morning, stating it was unintentional. The LVN further states she did not give the 100 mL flushes after medications as she should have, claiming it was an oversight on her part. 

The LVN states at 1300, the urinary catheter was completed although she forgot to document. She states at 1645 and 1700, the documentation was a copy from previous notes she failed to delete. She states this was all unintentional and she is in no way in the habit of documenting things that she has not done. 

Because of this, the Board of Nursing placed her license to a disciplinary action instead.

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