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The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) has the jurisdiction to hear and decide cases involving the practice of professional nursing in Texas. Any RN or LVN found guilty for violating the state laws and regulations may be subjected to a disciplinary case if not properly defended by a Houston LVN Lawyer

One of the best examples where a client failed to hire the right Houston LVN Lawyer will be discussed in this case. 

If you are an RN or LVN under a criminal investigation or charged with negligence or medical error, the person who will best represent you in court is a Houston LVN Lawyer.

This is what an LVN from Houston realized when a case was filed on her. 

On or about January 12, 1991, an LVN from Houston was arrested by the police for the BURGLARY OF HABITATION (a 1st Degree felony offense). 

When asked about this incident, the LVN states she was with some friends outside a parked car. Inside the car was an open container of alcohol. Only one of the parties had been drinking, the LVN states “they were asked to dump it out and everyone present received a citation for minor in possession. 

The LVN further states she was married to an abusive, drug and alcohol addict. While living in an apartment and in financial distress. Her husband decided he was going to rob someone so he could sell the items for money. He targeted a friend and told the LVN to get the key to the friends house. She was threatened by this and gave up the key. She states her husband robbed the friends house with another friend that resembled the LVN. The LVN convinced her husband to let her return the stolen merchandise back. When the merchandise was returned they were arrested. 

However, the LVN failed to properly present and defend her case against the court. She was disciplined and warned to suspend her license by violating Texas Board of Nursing regulation.

Avoid the similar thing from happening on your end. Make sure to find the right Houston LVN Lawyer in case a complaint will be filed against you before the Texas Board of Nursing (BON).

Consult with Texas nurse attorney Yong J. An today if you have any questions about your disciplinary process by calling or texting him at (832) 428-5679 day, night or weekends.