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Defraud of the staff of any costs of the ordered medicines is an action that can be defended by the right nurse attorney, should the RN or LVN provides a safe reason for the said action. This is what happened to an LVN who was accused of defrauding the facility she was working at on or about July 8, 2017. However, this is not only a defraud case as it had led to an escalated situation which required the Texas Board of Nursing to conclude the case immediately.

The LVN, who was employed at Tyler, Texas misappropriated the medications: Hydrococone, Xanax and Tramadol from the staff’s medication locker. The following actions might have defrauded the hospital due to the transactions done over the medications upon ordering the said items. It would have caused potential delay over the treatment of any staff or resident during emergency situations that might affect their health.

The LVN stated that she was seeing a therapist and psychiatrist while she was working, and she was also attending Celebrate Recovery. Therefore, the Texas Board of Nursing concluded that there are risks to public health and safety if an RN or LVN provides impaired treatment due to use of controlled substances and chemical dependency. This could also lead to poor performance which can injure the patient, if not experience any adverse effects due to inaccurate medical treatment.

The LVN was not given a chance to defend due to her confession, which was enough evidence for the BON to place her license into suspension. However, a skilled and experienced nurse attorney would have assisted her in the case. Take note that nurse attorneys are professionals who can help you out in such cases that might compromise you from continuing your duties.

However, always remember that these professionals are only there to help with the best they can, which means you have to assist them as well. For any cases similar to this matter, it’s recommended to hire a nurse attorney immediately. You may contact Nurse Attorney Yong J. An, which is experienced in handling nursing cases for more than 14 years, by dialing him at (832)-428-567 for inquiries and consultation.