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Every nurse has to perform her duties with accuracy and precision. One wrong move can have a big effect on the lives of the patients. One of the important things that RN or LVN nurses in Houston must do is to wash their hands properly. They have to do it on and off duty. This is something that they have to do on a regular basis to ensure that they will not carry any bacteria with them, especially when it comes to administering medications to the patients.

There are actually many benefits that RN or LVN nurses can get from washing their hands. The act will not only allow them to perform their hospital tasks properly. It can also help them keep their hands healthy and moisturized. With regular hand washing, the nurses can enjoy a smooth and damage-free skin. In this article, we are going to list down some of the tips and tricks on how nurses can properly clean and dry their hands while on duty:

Always Wash Hands Thoroughly

Make sure that you always wash your hands with care. Every part of your hands must be covered with soap every time you wash it. It must be noted that hand water may strip off the natural and essential oils in your hand. As a result, your hands will only end up dry and unhealthy. This is why is it highly recommended that you only use lukewarm or cold water. When it comes to choosing the soap to use, keep in mind that you have to check the ingredients first. Avoid using soap products that have alcohol content on them.

Find The Right Lotion

Since you always need to wash your skin, make sure that you always carry a lotion with you on your bag. Every after washing your hands, apply lotion to keep the skin’s moisture. There are so many types of lotions available in the market. What you need to do is to find the right skincare item for you. The lotion that you will use must contain Vitamins A, C and E. If you want to smell fresh, you can choose to buy a lotion that has scent on it.

Use Moisturizer

The secret to having a healthy skin while working as a nurse is to constantly use a moisturizer. Take note that lotion and moisturizer are two different things. Before buying a moisturizer, make sure to test it first. Know your allergies so that you will not be able to find the wrong product. As a nurse working in a hospital, it is your task to find the kind of moisturizer that will still keep your gloves in place.


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