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Anyone can file a complaint against an LVN with the state board for any reason. When this happens, all complaints need to be taken seriously no matter how trivial or unfounded they may appear. A Houston BON lawyer is someone who can help you defend your license when the state board summons you. This is what the LVN from Houston, Texas should have done when she was called by the Board.

At the time of the incident, the LVN was employed in a hospital in Houston, Texas, and had been in that position for nine months.

On or about May 8, 2019, the LVN allegedly failed to safely position a patient in a recliner in that she pulled the patient forward by one arm, put a pillow behind the patient, and then released the patient’s arm prior to the patient’s backside touching the pillow.

Additionally, the LVN dragged the patient on the floor by the patient’s elbows. Furthermore, the incidents were captured on video surveillance wherein the LVN was heard using profanity and making a reference to liking cocaine in the presence of the patient. Her conduct was likely to cause emotional, physical, and psychological harm to the patient and could have interfered or disrupted this patient’s treatment.

In response to the incident, the LVN states she placed a blanket and pillows on the floor and laid the patient on top of them and then transferred the patient to the recliner and placed a pillow behind the patient for back support.

The Texas Board of Nursing then subjected the LVN and her license into disciplinary action. The accusation would have been defended by an experienced and skilled Houston BON lawyer, had the LVN hired one. Hiring a Houston BON lawyer for defense is applicable for any kind of accusation laid against an RN or LVN.

If the Texas Board of Nursing summoned you in court, it is imperative to notify a Houston BON lawyer immediately. Attorney Yong J. An  has assisted numerous nursing license cases since 2006. He has over 16 years of expertise in dealing with different cases involving nurses. You may contact him by dialing (832)-428-5679 if you wish to learn more information should you undergo accusations or any other case that may affect your license.