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Losing your license may greatly affect your future career, but only if you failed to hire a nurse attorney for the case. There are some RNs and LVNs who missed their chances to get their license saved from revocation just because they weren’t able to hire any nurse attorney to defend them. Unfortunately, a RN from Chamber County, Texas happens to be one of them.

The incident occurred on or about February 29, 2016 through May 4,, 2016 when the RN inappropriately delegated to home staff the administration of Enoxaparin injections, 40 mg subcutaneously, to a patient.

Her conduct was likely to injure the patient in that the home staff would not be able to monitor for, respond to, or document the nursing responses of, and possible adverse reactions by the patient.

Because of this, the Texas Board of Nursing summoned the RN to explain her side. During the defense, the RN states she was always led to believe by policy and practice that Lovenox (Enoxaparin) could be delegated by her and administered by home staff, just as insulin. The RN further states she was not aware that this medication cannot be delegated since it is not on any list of medications not to be delegated.

The Texas Board of Nursing is the one who has full jurisdiction to RNs and LVNs facing any charges related to their duties. Therefore, they have the right to discipline every Rn who were found guilty or negligence, misbehavior or any misconduct complaints for them.

Because the RN was not able to provide enough evidence to justify her case, the Texas Board of Nursing disciplined her license. Additionally, she failed to hire a nurse attorney for assistance, causing her to lose her RN license.

Losing your LVN or RN license can compromise your career. However, a skilled nurse attorney can greatly help you in major cases such as this. For assistance regarding your nurse license case, it’s best to contact Nurse Attorney Yong J. An by contacting him at (832) 428-5679.