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If you have received a letter by the Texas BON that you are under investigation, it is important to not take that lightly.

There is a small window of time to respond back to the letter and plan for your defense; being negligent in this matter may cause you to lose your nursing license.


A nurse is Texas ended up getting his license revoked and by being aware of the types of conduct that the Texas BON does not approve of is beneficial in avoiding being in the same situation.


Let’s Explore the Below Case of a Nurse in Texas:


A nurse who was employed as a Licensed Vocational Nurse at a Health Care Center in Texas took two blister packs of discontinued Seroquel from the facility and gave them to a co-worker.  The nurse’s conduct was likely to defraud the facility and patients and the cost of medications as well as a violation of Chapter 483 of the Texas Health & Safety Code.


In November of 2014, while employed as a Licensed Vocational Nurse at a nursing center in Texas, other staff witnessed the nurse pushing the patient toward his bed and kicking the patient on his left side.  Furthermore, the nurse was verbally abusive towards the patient.  As a result of the nurse’s actions, it was likely to cause emotional, physical, and or psychological harm to the patient and could have also interfered with the patient’s treatment.


As a result, the nurse’s license was revoked and the board imposed the cost of the proceedings as well as legal and investigative services in the amount of at least $1200.00.


If you are facing disciplinary action in Houston or any other city in Texas, seek out an experienced Houston Nurse Lawyer who can counsel and advise you on your particular circumstances.


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